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Query Plan Usage presentation available for download

The PowerPoint slides and demo files for Bill Graziano's Query Plan Usage presentation are now available for download. (6/15/2009)

Kansas City PerformancePoint Launch and Business Intelligence Summit

Register to attend the Kansas City launch of PerformancePoint Server and enjoy a full day of Business Intelligence education. (11/15/2007 - Read More )

Register for "What I Wish Developers Knew About Developing Applications for SQL Server 2005" Webcast

Bill Graziano will present "What I Wish Developers Knew About Developing Applications for SQL Server 2005" as an MSDN webcast on July 26th, 2006 at 11AM CDT. Bill says of the webcast "Many of my consulting engagements come about because of an application that is causing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to behave poorly. Often I see the same mistakes in applications that use SQL Server. This webcast addresses some of the most common errors I encounter, and explains how to avoid them in your applications. I cover connecting to SQL Server, cursors, handling NULLs, stored procedures and dynamic SQL, error handling, and transactions."

Register for Webcast


Watch "What I Wish Developers Knew About Writing SQL Server 2005 Queries" Webcast

Bill Graziano recently presented a webcast for MSDN titled "What I Wish Developers Knew About Writing Queries for SQL Server 2005". Bill says "As a consultant, I visit many companies that are having performance problems with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database. This webcast describes some of the most common problems I see from clients, and explains how to avoid them. I cover reading query plans, SQL Profiler, indexing, correlated sub-queries, temporary tables, and user-defined functions, and show how you can use them together to improve performance."

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Bill Graziano to Present Query Tuning Webcast

Bill Graziano will present SQL Server 2005 Developer Tips and Tricks on March 22nd, 2006 at 11:00 AM CST.  The session will focus on query tuning and will include query plans, profiler and index usage.  (The web site is a little odd.  Choose one of the three main choices and then choose the Data Access tab at the bottom.) (3/17/2006)

Join ClearData at the SQL Server 2005 Launch

Join Bill Graziano and ClearData Consulting, Inc. at the SQL Server 2005 launch event in Merriam, KS on November 10th, 2005.  As a SQL Server MVP he'll be available to answer questions concerning the new version of SQL Server.  This is a joint launch for SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005.  The DBA events are in the morning and the developer events are in the afternoon. (10/27/2005)

Bill Graziano to present at the KC .NET SIG on July 26th

Bill Graziano will be presenting What I Wish Developers Knew About SQL Server at the Kansas City .NET SIG on Tuesday, July 26th, 2005. This presentation covers the most common mistakes I see in SQL Server development. It will also provide a variety of tips to improve the development process. The session will cover database application development including database design basics, database builds during development and version control. It will cover writing good queries, locking, set-based processing, stored procedure basics, connecting to SQL Server, simple administration and basic security. All topics will focus on the most common mistakes rather than providing a comprehensive overview of each topic. (7/24/2005)

SQL Server Road Show coming to Kansas City on August 9th

The SQL Server Roadshow  will be at the Overland Park Sheraton on Tuesday, August 9th, 2005.  This one day event provides SQL Server specific training by some of the best names in the business.  It includes tracks for development, administration and business intelligence. (7/24/2005)

Bill Graziano presenting at the May AITP meeting

Bill will present on the new features of SQL Server 2005 on Wednesday, May 25th, 2005. (5/15/2005 - Read More )

Microsoft Releases SQL Server 2005 April Community Technology Preview

Instead of releasing Beta 3 Microsoft releases the April CTP of SQL Server 2005.  Microsoft plans to continue releasing CTP's in lieu of further betas.  They believe this will provider people access to the technology in a more timely fashion.  MSDN subscribers can download the April CTP. (5/6/2005)

Bill Graziano to present at the March KC .NET SIG meeting (Updated)

Bill will present on the New Features for Developers in SQL Server 2005 on March 22nd, 2005. (1/20/2005 - Read More )

Bill Graziano presenting at the AITP meeting

Bill will present on the new features of SQL Server 2005 on November 17th, 2004. (11/11/2004 - Read More )

Trace and Profiler in SQL Server 2005 Presentation

Bill Graziano's presentation from PASS 2004 in Orlando is now available for download.  The presentation covers the new features of Profiler and Trace in SQL Server 2005.  The download includes the presentation and all code samples shown during the presentation. (10/23/2004)

SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 Released

Microsoft released beta 2 of SQL Server 2005 to MSDN subscribers this week. (7/29/2004)

Bill Graziano named Microsoft SQL Server MVP

ClearData's Bill Graziano has been recognized by Microsoft as a SQL Server MVP.  Microsoft created the MVP program to recognize active participation in technical communities around the globe.  MVPs have demonstrated practical expertise providing the highest quality information and content.  Please contact ClearData today to see how Bill can help your organization. (1/27/2004)

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Best Practices Analyzer Beta Released

Microsoft recently released a beta of their SQL Server 2000 Best Practices Analyzer.  This software scans SQL Server 2000 for compliance with over 70 Best Practices as identified by Microsoft. (12/8/2003 - Read More )

Bill Graziano's Advanced Profiler Presentation at PASS

Here is the presentation that Bill Graziano delivered at the PASS conference.  The title of the presentation was Peeking Under the Hood: Advanced SQL Profiler. (11/13/2003)

SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services

Microsoft is set to launch the beta of SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services.  Their web site says "Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services is a comprehensive reporting platform that can author, manage, and deliver both paper-oriented and interactive, Web-based reports." (10/17/2003)

Bill Graziano to speak at PASS

Bill Graziano, a partner in ClearData Consulting, has been selected as a speaker for the PASS conference.  PASS is the world-wide SQL Server users group.  Bill's speech is titled Advanced Profiler and will cover security and performance monitoring. (7/21/2003)

KC SQL Server SIG hosted at

The web site for the Kansas City SQL Server SIG is now hosted on our web site.  Bill Graziano, a partner in ClearData Consulting, is the president of the group. (7/18/2003)

PASS Conference 2003

The annual PASS Conference (Professional Association for SQL Server) will be November 11-14, 2003 in Seattle, Washington.  This is the largest conference dedicated to SQL Server.  Registrations prior to July 31st will save $400 off the conference fee. (6/8/2003)

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP3 Security Features and Best Practices

Microsoft posted four articles on SQL Server security.  They are:

Overall it's a good series of articles on SQL Server security.  The checklist is especially thorough.


SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition (64-bit) Released

Microsoft recently released the 64-bit version of SQL Server to manufacturing.  If you had scalability concerns about SQL Server this should put them to rest.  This version of SQL Server will support up to 512GB of RAM when run on Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition.  Their TPC number is over 433,000 transactions per minute on a 32-processor Itanium 2-based server.  Microsoft says that's within five percent of the highest non-clustered TPC number of less than half the price. (4/18/2003)

SQL Server "Slammer" Worm

On Friday, January 24th, a worm using a security flaw in SQL Server 2000 and MSDE began to propagate across the Internet.  This worm is called "Slammer" or "Sapphire" and exploited a security hole that Microsoft patched in July 2002.  The security patch was also included in the just released Service Pack 3 for SQL Server 2000 and MSDE. (1/28/2003 - Read More )

Microsoft release SQL Server 2000 SP3

Service Pack 3 for SQL Server 2000 includes a rollup of all bug fixes to date.  It also includes some significant enhancements to security.  Microsoft also updated Books Online for this service pack. (1/20/2003 - Read More )

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 High Availability Series

The Microsoft SQL Server 2000 High Availability Series helps you plan and deploy a highly available data center that uses Microsoft SQL Server 2000 through proper procedures that increase availability, backups help recover from catastrophic disasters, redundant components prevent downtime, and redundant servers minimize downtime. 

The series consists of:


NCAA Recognizes SCAN

The NCAA has an article on SCAN in their newspaper.  SCAN was developed for the National Center for Drug Free Sport to support paperless drug testing.  It uses a handheld application to capture data including bar codes and signatures into SQL Server. (12/21/2002)

Building and Configuring More Secure Web Sites

A Web site built by Microsoft engineers using the Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Internet Information Services 5.0, and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 successfully withstood over 82,500 attempted attacks to emerge from the eWeek OpenHack 4 competition unscathed. This article explains how the solution was built and configured and provides best practices for software developers and systems administrators to secure their own solutions.  Microsoft provided detailed information about how they setup the site and eWeek has some more general information. (12/19/2002)

SQL Server Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

2003 marks the 10-year anniversary of Microsoft's first release of SQL Server.  Microsoft created a special web page with some interesting information on SQL Server.  You can see some of the innovative features built into SQL Server and view Gord Mangione's keynote at the PASS conference. (12/12/2002)

December SQL Server Audit Special

ClearData Consulting is offering a special on our SQL Server Audits for the month of December.  Take advantage of this one-day audit of your SQL Server installation for $249 during the month of December only.  This audit will focus on server configuration, security, disaster recovery and performance tuning. (12/4/2002)

Microsoft released SQL Server CE 2.0

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Windows® CE (SQL Server CE) version 2.0 provides enhanced database engine and query capabilities, improved connectivity solutions, and is integrated with the Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. (9/18/2002 - Read More )

Microsoft releases SQL Server 2000 Notification Services

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Notification Services provides organizations with a high-performance platform to build scalable notification applications that generate messages customized to meet their users' specific information requirements. The information updates users receive can originate from a variety of external sources, such as external data feeds and internal business systems, and can be delivered to various mobile devices, including cellular phones and Pocket PCs. (8/30/2002)

Microsoft releases SQLXML 3.0 SP1

SQLXML 3.0 SP1 includes bug fixes, security enhancements, and performance increases made since the release of SQLXML 3.0.  You can download it from MSDN. (8/29/2002)

Microsoft releases SP2 for the .NET Framework

Service Pack 2 for the .NET Framework is available from Microsoft. (8/28/2002)

Microsoft releases SQL Server 7.0 SP4

Microsoft released Service Pack 4 for SQL Server 7.0.  SP4 updates the data engine, client tools and MSDE but not Analysis Services. (5/19/2002)

ClearData Consulting moves to

We've moved our web site to  It was formerly at  All the old links and email addresses have been updated to point to the new domain. (3/26/2002)

Service Pack 1 for .NET SDK

Microsoft released Service Pack 1 for the .NET framework.  It's a small release (1.4MB) and mostly addresses security issues. (3/21/2002)

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Web Services Toolkit

The Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Web Services Toolkit delivers tools, code, samples and whitepapers for building XML Web services and Web applications with SQL Server 2000. This toolkit enables developers to easily create XML Web services via SQLXML 3.0.

SQLXML 3.0 extends the built-in XML capabilities of SQL Server 2000 with technology to create XML Web services from SQL Server stored procedures or server-side XML templates. SQLXML 3.0 also includes extensions to the .NET Framework that provide SQLXML programmability to the languages supported by Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, including C# and Microsoft Visual Basic.NET. (12/30/2001)

SQLXML 2.0 available for download

Microsoft's SQLXML 2.0 adds support for XSD mapping schemas, Client-Side XML functionality, a new SQLXML OLEDB provider, a tool to convert XDR mapping schemas to XSD, and significant performance improvements. SQL Server 2000 users can use client-side XML functionality to move XML processing to the middle tier for better scalability or to wrap SQL Server Stored Procedures with the Transact-SQL FOR XML clause. SQLXML 2.0 also introduces a set of SQLXML Managed Classes that allows .NET developers to access SQLXML functionality. You can download it here. (12/30/2001)

Microsoft releases SQL Server 2000 SP2

Microsoft recently released Service Pack 2 for SQL Server 2000. You can download it off their website. They also have a list of fixed bugs in the service pack. (12/29/2001)