ClearTrace Installation


Download the ClearTrace 2008 (Build 34) ZIP File

This download contains both the command-line version and GUI version. Please note only the GUI version can create the database. This release includes:

This ZIP file contains the executables.  There is no installer. It will not create Start Menu entries or check for updates.

ClickOnce Installation

I'm not going to support ClickOnce anymore.  It doesn't support FireFox and has trouble when my code signing certificates expire.  If you've been using a ClickOnce installation you'll need to download the ZIP file above to get the latest version.  It's probably best to uninstall the existing ClickOnce installation.  This can be done through the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

Release Notes

Download the ClearTrace 2008 (Build 31) ZIP File

There is also an early release of a command-line version that you can test.

This ZIP file contains the executable itself.  There is no installer. It will not create Start Menu entries or check for updates.

ClearTrace 2008.29

Download the ClearTrace 2008 (Build 29) ZIP File

Release Notes - ClearTrace 2.0.27

Download 2.0.27 ZIP File

  • This release only supports SQL Server 2005.  
  • This release is to support for 64-bit traces. 
  • It also adds better error reporting for certain errors I've had trouble reproducing. 
  • It fixes the bug where rows > 8000 bytes can't be sorted

Release Notes - ClearTrace 2.0.26

This release contained various minor bug fixes.

Download 2.0.26 ZIP File

Release Notes - ClearTrace 2.0.25

This release contained various minor bug fixes.

Release Notes - ClearTrace: 2.0.24

575: Traces without a TextData column generated an exception

Traces without a TextData column use the string "{TextData Column Not Found In Trace File}" as their TextData.  They also display a notice on the screen that the TextData column was not found.

617: CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'. (2.0.22) Void OnError(System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException, Boolean)

Any error message generated during the CREATE DATABASE process is now displayed to the user instead of being sent back to me.

636: sp_prepare counted as an execution

sp_prepare is no longer counted as an execution.  Each sp_prepare is listed as "{PREPARING}" and then the statement.  The statement itself is listed as "{PREPARED}" and then the statement.  And the unprepare is listed as "{UNPREPARING}" and the statement.  This lets you see the cost of preparing and executing the statements.

645: Delete Trace Groups

The professional version now has the ability to delete Trace Groups.

Release Notes - ClearTrace: 2.0.23

579: Large SQL Batches cause errors when removing comments

Extrememly large SQL batches (> 150KB) with many, many comments caused the code to think it was in an infinite loop.  The threshold for this test has been raised.

581: Capture error of databases that exist but user doesn't have permission

If a database doesn't exist but a user has permission we now have a nice error message.

582: Can use either StartTime or EndTime in the trace file

If the EndTime column isn't present in the trace it will try to use the StartTime column.  If that isn't present it will default to January 1st, 2000.

Release Notes - ClearTrace 2.0.21

There is extra error handling around corrupt or invalid trace files.

If you receive this error please post in the support forums as I may want to look at the trace file.

Release Notes - ClearTrace 2.0.18

Only store summary information

The application only stores summary information. This increases load and querty times. A future release may add back the detail information.

531: Improved handling of cursors with embeded apostrophes.

509: Improved handling of comments within strings.

Ability to report anonymous usage data

Release Notes - ClearTrace: 2.0.17

466: Capture the SQL from SP_PREPEXECRPC

Any calls to sp_prepexecrpc now return the name of the procedure actually called rather than sp_prepexecrpc.

470: Review all while loops for possible infinite loops

All while loops that could loop indefinitely now have a counter to generate an error if they loop too mnay times.

484: The LoginName lookup should not be case-sensitive

The Login, Application and Host are no longer case-sensitive.

486: SQL Parsing Problem (

ClearTrace now handles sp_cursorprepexec properly.

Release Notes - ClearTrace: 2.0.16

471: Nested strings inside multi-line comment blocks can cause loops

This is fixed.

Release Notes - ClearTrace: 2.0.15

443: Load the traces asynchronously and handle the cancel button

Traces are now loaded asynchronously in the background.  The cancel button stops the process.  The application also feels much more responsive.

380: Timeout expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. The stat...

Bulk copy timeout increased to 10 minutes from the default 30 seconds.  The stored procedure timeout has been increased to one hour.

463: "Average" seems not working

The averages compute properly again.

440: Don't find comments inside strings

The parsing routine properly handles comments embedded in strings.

Release Notes - ClearTrace: 2.0.14

432: Each new trace file import should reset the query parameters

The query screen resets the search/filter parameters after each import.

434: SQL Parsing Problem - binary regex is matching too much

A binary string (for example, 0xABD04) could match non-binary characters.  This has been fixed.

437: Cannot open database requested in login 'TraceInfo'. Login fails. Login failed for user '***'.

Certain database calls now have their own try catch blocks to capture this type of error rather than relying on the global error handler.

433: SQL Parsing Problem - Losing part of the WHERE clause

The unicode string constant match (N'Test') was a little too geedy and was grabbing stuff after the unicode string.

438: Review timeouts for all database activities

The timeouts for key database activities have been increased.  These have been set to between 3 and 10 minutes depending on the activity.

Release Notes - ClearTrace: 2.0.13

418: Filter search results using a string (LIKE in the WHERE clause)

You can enter a keyword to filter the performance results.  This does a LIKE '%keyword%' against the normalized SQL text.

431: Validate XML file is valid

Validates that the XML file is valid.

365: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Clearing the checkbox to display averages if there was no data in the result set generated this error.  This is fixed.

381: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=8984...

The application now checks if this assembly is present. This in effect checks if SQL Server 2005 is installed.

Release Notes - ClearTrace: 2.0.12

ClearTrace can move Trace Files to an archive directory

Both the graphical interfact and the command line version now support a work directory and an archive directory.  Please see the documentation for more details.

The import status has been moved to its own tab.

A ClickOnce installation is now supported.

Release Notes - ClearTrace: 2.0.11

BREAKING CHANGE: Summary data now used for queries

ClearTrace now pre-summarizes the performance results. It uses this data for the queries on the Results tab. Any trace file loaded with 2.0.10 or earlier will need to be reprocessed to generate the summary data.

377: Better error handling for non-trace files

Gracefully handles errors in the trace file reader initialization

Overall error handling improved

Can sort by Execution Count

382: Line 2: Incorrect syntax near 'DATABASE'.

Gracefully handle an invalid or unreachable database.  Also pop up a message that a new database will be created if the specified database doesn't exist.

398: Correctly handle Display Averages checkbox

The Display Averages checkbox is handled correctly.  It's possible to redisplay averages after the checkbox has been cleared.

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